Tamany Baker Photography
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[New Light]
[Sun and moon]
Bolti Skaftafell detail   I Skaftafell detail   II Skaftafell detail   III
Skaftafell Over Skaftafellsjokull glacier Waterfall at Berunes Hvoll
Tjiones Towards the Atlantic Sea at Brieddalsvik Route 1 past Hofn
After Myvatn Route 1
  Iceland - the first trip: New Light, 2003.

These pictures were inspired by an Icelandic journey made in June 2003, with painter Kathryn Thomas. Please see New Light website (links) for further information about this journey.

The series responds to the stillness and the mythology of the landscape. Icelandic folklore is full of tales of elves and fairies, these photographs reflect my connection with that mystery.
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